• Professional radon mitigation service
  • Fast and inexpensive service to expedite your real estate transaction
  • Servicing some of the top real estate agents for 25 years (references available)
  • Evenings-weekends-holidays, no extra fee
  • Quality workmanship-Quality materials
  • From the basic radon system to the custom designed system
    1. Basic System-exterior vent line 3" PVC pipe with a UV rated fan
    2. Custom Design- we offer a variety of vinyl downspout exterior vent line materials; from a thin wall vinyl downspout material that can be crushed by hand to a more durable vinyl downspout that can withstand the pressure of a leaning ladder. Both the pipe and downspout system can have custom covers, which hides the fan and electrical components. Visit the web site listed below for pictures of various covers and fans.
    3. We use fans that resist yellowing from the sun's UV rays and always look new. We are able to use the newest technology (i.e. UV rated fans) because we are independent of manufacturers who insist on using their fans if you want their re-location business.
  • Builder packages available--New construction rough-in systems
  • Mitigate all homes from the older stone foundations to the newer home
  • 25 years experience by the original owner
  • Upgrade old systems from faded radon fans and pipe vent lines to new pipe or vinyl downspout material for a more attractive look and better re-sale value
  • Liability and worker compensation insurance
  • Web Site with various pictures making it easy for the out-of-town clients to understand what is involved and what to expect www.radonspecialites.com
  • 25 years of service and never a complaint to the Ohio Department Of Health, (Radon Division) or the Better Business Bureau
  • Member: AARST (Ohio Chapter), Ohio Department of Health, NRSB
  • Clients: Homeowners-Builders-Relocation Companies-Real Estate Agents
  • Homes, Office Buildings, Apartment Buildings, Building Owners

Radon Specialties Co, Inc
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Member: NRSB, AARST (Ohio Chapter), Ohio Departmant of Health, and Kentucky Department of Health

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