We have been offering radon services for the past 35 years in the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area. In 1987, we were featured on ABC evening news for the dangers of radon gas and installed a radon system showing how to mitigate the radon safely.

The only way to get rid of radon is to find the radon. We have been involved with hard to mitigate homes and buildings for the last 36 years. Our advanced equipment and techniques help us to locate the radon and measure the air flow under the slabs to determine what fan and amount of suction points needed.

Over our years of trial and error we learned what works and what doesn’t. Little steps like sealing the pipe between the brick and band board to prevent water from leaking indoors around the pipe penetration through the band board. How to make exterior electric boxes waterproof, and properly grounding the box and switch.

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Many repairs we make on other company’s systems are over electric boxes rusted, full of water and water leaking in around the vent piping. Our interior piping is anchored to the walls with minimum of two pipe clamps securing the pipe tight in case it’s bumped it won’t move. Our exterior piping is secured with manufactured galvanized pipe clamps that are power coated white to prevent rust and designed to support pipes away from the siding to eliminate any vibration. Some companies use a piece of pipe not designed to support pipe as a pipe anchor that can cause a vibration, noise and blow off the house in a high wind. When we seal sump lids a clear view port is added and a rubber clamp is added to the radon line going into the sump so the pipe can be taken apart easily if replacing the sump.

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Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer, test your home and if the levels are high install a reductions system. We provide testing for a small fee or many state health departments have free test kits. Call your State Department of Health and ask if they have any test kits.

I do on site visit for every estimate, explain to the homeowner what is needed and answer any questions. A proposal is sent later that day explaining all work and material we will use along with the cost and payment plan. No pressure sales, if you are satisfied with our proposal call us and schedule a time for installation. Since I give the estimates and on site for the work, you will know who will be at your home for the installation.

We are a local company and offer affordable rates for testing and mitigation in the following areas: Butler, Clermont, Warren and Hamilton Counties in Ohio. In Kentucky the following areas: Florence, Independence, Hebron, Newport, Covington, Alexandria and most other areas in Northern KY.

We offer senior, military and first responder discounts.  And we are a combat veteran owned business.


We are available to answer your questions and give you any additional information needed.