Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer.  It’s odorless, colorless that occurs naturally in the environment and when inhales can cause serious health risk including lung cancer.

We provide long and short term testing of homes, buildings, and multi-family homes. Some states provide a free test kit to homeowners, contact your state health department.

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Gas danger in your home

During real estate transactions we do a short term test with a continuous print out monitor. This test shows an hourly print out of the radon levels. Since we are licensed to do test we are also licensed as a Radon Specialist. Specialist not only test the home we are permitted to examine a radon system if there is one in the home and make sure the system meets code and is working properly. A tester or home inspector isn’t permitted to comment on a system.

If the test results come back elevated we can write a plan to lower the levels below the action levels.

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