We repair systems every week. Homeowners call and complain of loud noise, water sounds or fans running and shutting down. Unfortunately, there are people that take a 40 hour class get a license and have no idea what they are doing. Many times they are friends of a realtor or give tips to real estate companies to refer them to install your system. One of the most important investments a homeowner can buy, they should expect the best for their home. Homeowners should always check references, experience, insurance, proper license and worker compensation insurance prior to letting anyone do any work on their home.

Loud noise if not a fan issue is most likely a vibration noise on the side of the house or in the attic. We use stand off hangers that are galvanized steel with a white powder coat to prevent rust and match the pipe. The stand off hanger keeps the pipe off the house and eliminates the vibration noise.

Fan bearings go bad and cause fan noise. The fan must be replaced, you can’t fix the bearings.

System Repairs

Water noise is caused from pipes not installed properly and water is not draining. A lot of times builders install system that run through the attic and out of the roof by the plumbers doing the plumbing work in the home. They don’t install attic pipes correctly and when a fan is hooked up water noise is heard in the attic. Sounds like a washing machine in the attic, an very annoying and most builders won’t make needed repairs because they don’t know what to do.

Some installers guess on what fan to use without doing proper diagnostics, this not only can elevate the electric bill but can cause air noise exiting the pipe. Sometimes it sounds like a plane taking off. Installing the proper fan you shouldn’t hear loud noises and not even know you have a radon system. We do our needed testing to make repairs and install the proper fan reducing air noise.

Fans run and shut down cycle. Sometimes the fan is getting old and the heat overlay shuts the fan down and once it cools the fan starts back up. That requires a new fan. Other times the fan switch wasn’t installed properly and water is leaking into the electric switch. Our repair page shows switches that are full of water and rust, causing a fire issue. Lot of the installers don’t even hook up the ground wire properly to ground the electric box and switch which could lead to someone getting electrocuted.

Whenever a radon fan is replaced especially an exterior fan the electric box should be inspected and if rusty or wet inside should replace switch and make it waterproof.

rusted wiring
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