Founded late in 1987 Radon Specialties Co., Inc was formerly named Restored Environments Co..

I have and currently install every radon system for Radon Specialties Co. Inc. Over 33 years of experience goes into every radon system; making sure they function properly and look aesthetically appealing.

Radon Specialties Co, Inc. is a radon mitigation and testing company. We are not home inspectors, exterminators, insulators or carpenters. Our only business is installing, repairing, upgrading and testing radon systems.

If you are buying a new home, hire us for your radon test. Unlike testers or home inspectors who are only licensed to test, we are licensed to design and inspect existing systems. Many systems are wired incorrectly or piped wrong. We find that plastic is not sealed in crawlspaces and many other problems. With 33 years of installing systems, we can make sure your system was properly installed. Testing from $60.00 to $100.00.

Our standard proposal form let's the homeowner select from what type of fan they like to the piping, so when the project is completed there are no surprises. Over 90% of our radon systems are located on the exterior of the home. If the system is painted to match the trim and placed in the least noticeable part of the home most owners prefer that to the attic system. Although attic systems hide the fan and piping they have a few drawbacks: Fan is running continuously in your attic, fire dampers needed in the piping system, condensation problems on the piping and fan on high humid days (water will drip on the floor or ceiling from the piping and possibly fan) and in time mold will develop on the piping.

In 1998 as the public became more aware of radon, Radon Specialties Co, Inc was filmed installing a mitigation system in an older home in Cincinnati, Ohio by ABC Evening News. This short film clip helped viewers understand what is involved in properly installing a radon mitigation system.

The Ohio Department of Health requires radon testers and radon mitigating companies to be licensed (separate license) when working in Ohio. All mitigation systems must be submitted to ODH quarterly, and ODH picks homes at random to inspect the mitigating company work performance. All radon systems must vent above the roof line by 12".

We carry over $1,000,000 of Radon Mitigation Liability Insurance along with Worker Compensation Insurance. (If an insurance policy doesn?t state radon mitigation ? you have no insurance for radon work)

Our cost vary depending on the home and type of system desired with cost from $400.00 to $850.00.

I hope this web site provides answers to some of your basic questions and gives you an idea of what the various systems look like. If you want to reach us fill out the Contact Us page at the end of this site or call - 513-831-0743.

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