Radon Testing:

  • Before mitigation it is essential a to do a radon test, either a short- term or long- term test. Radon kits are available for homeowners who would like to do there own testing.
  • Short term test give a quick level test over 2-7 days. If levels are 10 pCi/L or higher a second short term test should be done soon after receiving the results or have a radon mitigation system installed.

Hire a Professional:

  • If levels are above the 4.0 action level, it is advisable to hire a certified radon contractor to install a radon reduction system. In Ohio all radon contractors have to be licensed by the Ohio Department Of Health.
  • We are trained to assess the specific conditions of a building and recommend the most effective mitigation system.
  • We do an onsite free visit to explain the system needed. Our proposals are sent later in the day if owners need our service they can contact us. Some contractors give a price over the phone, in Ohio it’s required to make an on- site visit and review what is needed with the owner.

Mitigation System Design:

  • The design of the mitigation system depends on the specific characteristics of the building, including its foundation type, construction materials and radon entry points.
  • Sub-slab depressurization, sub-membrane depressurization, sump pump depressurization are common mitigation techniques.

Sub-Slab Depressurization:

  • This is the most common radon mitigation methods. It involves installing a pipe through the foundation floor to the soil or gravel underneath.
  • A fan is then used to create a negative pressure beneath the slab, preventing radon from entering the building.

Ventilation System:

  • Ventilation system such as an air-to-air heat exchanger can also reduce radon levels by exchanging indoor air with outdoor air.

Post System Test:

  • We provide a post test with every system. This test shows us how the system is working and it if more work is needed.
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